Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tepee for two

I have been wanting to make a tepee for the kids for some time now and after seeing this image I knew just what to make for Ella's b-day. I had wanted to make a bunch of cute dressses but, let's face it, she would be way more excited about a tepee than dresses. Plus, I'm going to make the dresses b-day or not.
(from Country Living magazine)
Then had so much fun playing in this tepee, I knew I couldn't go wrong. The actual making of the tepee was not difficult it just took some time sewing all that fabric. The problem I ran into was in not using a pattern. I made my panels way too big. I had finally finished sewing and I so excited to set it up. Poles in, stand it up, stretch the poles out and the tepee stood about 2 feet off the ground and was about 8 feet across. NO!!!! So I ended up just sewing a seem down the middle of each panel and taking out about 10 inches from each panel.
Julian loved it. Ella helped pick out the fabric for "something for her b-day" and she fell in love with this butterfly fabric. It definitely was not my first pick and I kept trying to sway her away with other fabric, but she had her heart set on the butterflies. Now that the tepee is made and all together, I love those butterflies.
It's a little saggy, but overall I think I kind of like it like that, or at least that's what I'm telling myself because I'm not working on it anymore.
Somebody else liked it also. I think Ella is going to love it.

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