Tuesday, November 10, 2009


1. My new sewing box. This beauty was dug up at one of those HUGE rummage sales in a church parking lot with more incredible finds than I could wrap my greedy little arms around. I even had 2 small helpers carrying some of the goods. Next year the wagon is definitely coming along. So, I finally made it to the line to pay, having no idea how much anything cost, and the sweet grandmotherly lady took a quick glance at everything spilling out of my arms and said, "Oh, how about seven dollars?" Maybe she felt sorry for me or something. So my sewing box cost, uh, nothing in my book.
2. Cinnamon. I love it on everything this time of year. It just tastes like autumn to me.
3. Ella tying a scrap piece of fabric to her ankle and the other end to a pillow as her surfboard leash.
4. My stash of trims. I need to find a better way of storing these, but for now when I look at this mess it makes me happy. 5. This book. I'm already laughing. Last night Andy came home from the bookstore with one of the best surprise gifts I have received in a long time.
My first job was at Baskin Robbins. Yes, good memories. I quickly worked my way up the corporate ladder from scooper all the way up to cake decorator. So when Andy saw this book he knew I would appreciate it. The cakes are hilarious and will definitely make you laugh out loud, but then you read what the author adds and you will be back to a long silent mix between a laugh and a cry, kind of like the sound of a wounded animal...at least that's how I sound when I laugh REALLY hard. Tears. I guess the above cake had been e-mailed to everyone (except me) and the author, Jen Yates, had the idea to start CakeWrecks.com which led to the book. Genius.
(sorry my pics are so bad, I got a little too excited and snapped these a little too quickly)
It says 'Cake Camouflage' at the top.
I'm just imaging I am the recipient of this cake.

Author writes "Boy, Cole & Alli are NOT going to be happy about this. 'What, we're not good enough for the large font? Huh? HUH?' "These are just a few funny ones. I didn't want to ruin it using the hilarious ones here if you are going to buy the book.

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