Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the nose talk that should have included the ear talk

A couple of days ago as I was holding this little guy in my lap I noticed that he was repeatedly rubbing his nose to the point where it is red and running.
The assumption that he may just be getting a cold fell short when he told me he had something in his nose.
"Is it boogies and you just need to blow it?"
"No, it's something black."
"Did you stick something in your nose?" I calmly asked.
"Um hum," he said as he noded slowly.
He is not always a reliable source so I was being hopeful that this was the case.
"Are you sure you stuck something up your nose?" Just in case he misunderstood me the first time.
His nonchalant 'yep' was actually pretty convincing.
I tilted his head back, pulled the tip of his nose up and tried to angle him so that the overhead light could do it's job. Nothing in sight. I covered the nostril that was the least red and was not running and instructed him to blow...nothing.
"Really hard"...out popped the something black which was followed by Julian's fit of laughter.
"There it is."
It was the plastic backing that swivels to hold a picture in the little wooden ornament he was holding. Awesome. I guess he thought it would be a good hiding place. So I had to have the nose talk about not sticking anything in there, you can get very hurt, etc. He seemed to understand the severity of what he did.
Fast forward two days. I go to get this same little guy out of his car seat and he has his finger poking in his ear. No concern there, for this is not an uncommon place for it to be found. As I unbuckle his straps and his hand moves a big piece of "something" (can you see the look of confusion on my face) rolls out of his ear.
"What is that?!"
I pick it up for closer examination and after putting the 'thing' through various scientific tests I concluded it was a piece of granola. This was very disturbing since we had eaten the granola for breakfast over 3 hrs ago.
I guess I should have included the ear talk in the nose talk.

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  1. Hey Melissa...I just found your blog! I love it!!! I posted a similar entry on our blog 4 days earlier when Sophie stuck a bead up her nose! How funny!!! =) Hope you guys are doing well...See you for Christmas!


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