Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Canyon Walk

This morning I had the pleasure of rising before the sun...not by choice of course.
I was given this beautiful gift of a brilliant sunrise in return. I guess that made up for my lack of sleep? I knew it would be perfect day for the canyon. Our normal run/walk, which lately has been more of the latter since there has not been any real consistency, turned into a walk/throw rocks and play with my camera adventure and a whole lot of fun for both the kids and myself. This canyon is not far from our house and a perfect place to play with my new friend.

This one is already tired of my shenanigans with the camera in her face so I really had to work hard to even get a picture of her face, much less a smile. Thank you Ella.
A modest house surrounded by nature - my dream house.
I was playing with a bunch of different settings and although this one looks a little washed out, I love it.

Love this one, I just wish he didn't have an arm sticking out of his face.
This is the chase that led to the cough attack, which led to a large amount of emesis into the brush, since the little Mr. tends to do that with a cough attack, which led to uncomfortable stares from our concerned trail mates, which led to our quiet exit.
We still had a really fun time.

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