Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ella's headband & cards

It's another rainy day. Ella's first request everyday now is to do a craft. So as I was racking my brain for something to do and watching Ella push Julian around in her little doll stroller while constantly pushing her hair out of her face, I thought of something that would not only be fun but also useful...a little valentine's day headband.
I gathered a couple of supplies and let Ella choose which ones she wanted to put in the mix.
It turned out completely different than how I had envisioned it, but I love it. It's Ella's creation. I cut the hearts out and I actually moved my sewing machine to her little table and let her push the pedal. At first I was going to let her try to guide the material and everything, but I soon realized just concentrating on how much pressure to put on the pedal to make it go slowly and to stop when I said was more than enough for now. Julian had a couple of turns with the pedal also.
Now these cards just make me smile. This is all Ella. She has seen me make cards before throwing in some pics from magazines and it looks like she was taking notes. When I set her up to make valentine's day cards last week she already had a list of what she needed - a magazine, glue, scissors, and some pink and red paper. She asked me to cut out some hearts for her but soon after she wanted to cut them out if I would just draw them for her.
I was busy sewing while she was hard at work with her cards and this is what she came up with. I love the pictures she chose, especially the one for Julian. HA! Pretty cute.

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