Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little pull-over hoodie

A little inspiration from mer mag +
an old sweatshirt of mine + an outgrown tank of Ella's = a new sweatshirt for Julian
Julian has been the recipient of a lot of items lately, which is good because it seems so much easier to make things for Ella. He doesn't really notice or care but it makes me feel better.
After those pants I made for him this project was a great deal quicker and easier. Yeah!! Fleece is also an easier material to work with. Again, I just used one of his sweatshirts to block out a pattern and added a little all around so that it would not be outgrown too quickly. It looks like I could have added a little more to the length but it will work for now.
I finished the sweatshirt and was so excited to try it on him and wait...uh, oh...it didn't even fit over his head. So after several attempts to stretch the neck and ram it over his head while making my poor child scream and cry, I decided I better just give the neckline a little snip to open it up. I love fleece. A quick edging stitch to my snip and it fit perfectly.

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