Thursday, April 1, 2010

Orange Balls

HAPPY SPRING to all!!!
I'm supposed to be making an Easter dress for a little someone, but having my computer up and running after a couple of weeks of being on strike, I have gotten a little distracted.
Here are a couple of pictures of a weekly, if not daily, ritual we have. Down the street, around the corner lives our neighbor and friend who loves the kids and has graciously extended the invitation for the kids to eat off the fat of his land. The fat they love are what they have named 'orange balls', well, I guess because they are little orange balls. The proper name is calamansi, which is a fruit from the Philippines. It looks like a miniature orange, but tastes like a lemon.
(uh..too bright, mom)
(that's better)
Although they are sour, the kids eat it like it is a piece of candy. Just documenting so I don't forget this little ritual in our life. Oh, and after looking it up to figure how to spell it, I found that they can be frozen whole and put into tea as an ice cube. Can't wait to try it.

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