Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Road Trip - Part One

Headed north for the weekend. An important pick-up in Santa Rosa was the purpose of our trip but we decided to make a long weekend out of it. Just a few pictures on our adventure.
(on some little road off the 5 to some hot springs)
Andy spotted this in the middle of the road and we had to get a closer look. Don't worry, it was dead...almost looked like it had been run over, but it was still moving a little.
(on that same road)
I love road side stands and I love taking pictures of them. It looks like those big bags are for $1, right? Nope. The $1 bags had 4 oranges in them. Still a good deal and the oranges were really sweet.
That black blur in the middle is just some dead bugs on our windshield.
I wanted the merry cherries.
Who knew yarn could buy 45 minutes of entertainment for the kiddos. Yeah, that knot involving hair was pretty tight. A little snip and everyone was happy.
More things to do with yarn...tie up fingers and toes. She got pretty good at tying knots.
Made a stop in San Jose and caught up with some sweet friends we had not seen in some time.
This little guy has such a cool personality.
Headed out to SF.
Julian was enjoying the great weather and the view.

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