Monday, April 19, 2010

scribbles and scratches

A little something for the young fellow in the family. He loves to draw, so I made him his own little sketch book for all his scribbles and scratches. This is great for road trips which is what we were up to this past weekend. Loads of fun, many miles covered, and too many pictures to go through right now. Wish this is what our little set up looked like. How fun would it be to have a teeny tiny trailer? Probably not too much with 2 adults, 2 kids who are acrobats in their sleep, and 1 large dog who snores like a fat man. is how I made this little book.First I cut up a cereal box to use as my cover. Next, this book was in need of some pages.
I have a roll of craft paper big enough to probably gift wrap our entire house. I love it and use it often. I cut the pages a little bit smaller than the cover and folded the book all together and sewed the pages together.  Don't try to sew through too many at a time. Make sense? Probably not, but I'm kinda tired so...
I made the slip cover but cutting up pieces of felt. I sewed the two inside flap cover pieces on and glued the small pieces for the picture of the car and trailer on the front and his initials on the back. Lastly I hand stitched the slip cover, the cover and pages all together with a big needle and some embroidery floss. It took some effort to get the needle through all the layers, but it can be done.

There you have it!!

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