Saturday, June 19, 2010

Started off...

celebrating Father's Day weekend with a maiden voyage
for the current project Andy has been working on for over a year to a car show.
Many hours of hard work and frustrations have gone into this car and well, again, another good looking car. Good job!! Andy hates any type of attention, but hey I get to brag a little, right?
For those who care, it's a '31 roadster with a flathead and a quickchange. That's about all I know with the car talk.
Nice weather and great food made for an enjoyable time.
This little guy even got a little nap in.
Our friend's truck.
The topper for the day was Andy driving it home successfully, which is the furthest he has driven it. I'm just bummed I had packed my camera in the back of the car and was not able to get a picture of him on the freeway.
Again, GOOD JOB!!

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