Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-shirts and Hoardings

I have been on a little cleaning spree the last couple of days. It's kind of amazing what you find when organizing. Cleaned out and reorganized the 'kid's craft closet', which I like to call it, but it also houses my art supplies. Next I tried to tackle my overwhelming supply of yarn that I have somehow accumulated. It is just really hard for me to pass up yarn at thrift stores when they are selling 3-4 balls of yarn for 50 cents. Random yarn balls have literally taken over my craft closet. I can't even access some of my supplies without having to move balls of yarn.
Here is just a small sampling that I had started stuffing into one of my shopping bags just to get it out of my way. I think I have some hoarding least I realize it, right?
So I spent a little time rolling some into nice tidy balls,
took some pictures,
and decided to move on to something a little more this sweet t-shirt.
I guess this somewhat goes along with the spring cleaning energy I have. I have been going through the kid's clothes and I have found a lot of material that can be repurposed and many shirts that can be made into something a little more wearable. I love GATORS and all, but this one was a bit much for me.
Found some other T-shirts that were way too small and could be used for painting,
then cut and sewed my little gator friend away. Still a little big on the graphics for my liking, but it had to be that big to cover the cool gator. I even had to add the extra black paint in the corner to cover a palm tree trying to peek out. Julian loved it, it had a moto, and that's all that matters...actually he liked the gator also...sorry little man.
For Ella's shirt, I gathered a couple of supplies, which included the plain pink T-shirt she picked out at the thrift store,
a little paint,
and a horse silhouette cut from another t-shirt.
I cut off the neck ribbing because it just was too...hmmm, t-shirty and cut off the sleeves so that I could take in the sides a little because the shirt was too big. Sewed a little strip folded over the collar (have I mentioned how much I love working with t-shirt material, well if I haven't, I really do).
Reattached the sleeves with a little gather at the top because after taking in the sides the arm hole openings are smaller and, that's right, the sleeves are larger. Cut a waistband off an old skirt that still fits my little skinny minny's waist and attached it at the bottom. I think I might go a little crazy with t-shirts now, it was so much fun.

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  1. OMG...I've been totally wanted to stamp stuff or paint on the girls shirts too!!! I'll have to take a week off from making cupcakes so I can do some painting and seewing too! =)


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