Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bubble Art

Need an activity for the kids and you don't mind a little mess, than how about a little bubble art?
I can't remember where I saw this but I'm sure I didn't come up with it.
Pretty simple. Mix some bubble solution with a little food coloring and let the kids blow away. The bubbles themselves don't really have any color, but when they pop on a white piece of paper that is when the magic happens.
I first tried just a tiny dab of color, but the bubbles just barely made a little mark, so I decided to just go for it and put a nice sized drop of coloring in. Make sure play clothes that you don't mind messing up are on the kids because this will get everywhere. Notice Julian's face. Next time I might try this over the grass with a couple of sheets of paper hanging up on a line.
Have fun making a mess!


  1. So funny that you did this...I just saw it a couple weeks ago on a website and I've been meaning to try it out with the girls. Good to know it's messy! It turned out so cool! Maybe we should just start doing all this stuff together... ;-)

  2. This looks fun! Im going try it even though i'm not a kid anymore ;)


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