Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy is for the bees...

It's been 3 weeks, 3 busy weeks and now I am back and still trying to catch my breath. Some people love a busy event filled calender all the time...not me. I enjoy events and activities in small doses with lulls of nothing in between.
We celebrated these two and their birthdays. Aren't they so cute? Andy had surgery for his and Ella had a big party for did that work out? I do love birthdays and celebrating and this is what lead me to feeling really busy and a little overwhelmed. I'm a procrastinator...need I say more. I knew things were getting out of control when 'find my list' was on one of my to do lists. Ella's party turned out nicely even though her mama is a procrastinator. I will definitely share a couple of pictures after I go through my 1000 pictures that need editing...sigh. We did go on a little family trip (many more pictures to edit and share) in the middle of it all and we were able to enjoy each other, reconnect, slow down, let surgeries heal and forget about a birthday party that needed a little planning. Amid all of this I got sick and I am still trying to shake it. This has definitely reminded me to be a lot more thankful for my health.
All of that time spent busying myself with party planning had been a good distraction and kept me from completely falling apart because my now 5 year old little girl will be starting school in 2 days. Just seeing her try on her uniforms brought tears to my eyes. I'm a mess. I am praying she does better than I know I will do. Luckily she is so excited and every day she asks how many more days until she goes to school. I'm trying to take comfort in her enthusiasm and I am so proud of what a brave little girl she is. I know another little someone who is really going to miss his best buddy, so together we will cope and discover a new way about our day without the little miss around.

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