Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I needed a little distraction today to keep myself from being a complete wreck after sending Ella off to her first day of school. She was a little nervous and had a short period of not wanting to let go of my arm, but then she mustered up enough strength to walk away from me. She walked a couple of steps then turned and said "I love you, mom" with a little crack in her sweet voice and gave me a half smile and walked away. I made it back to the car before I let the floodgates open.
Julian and I got home and played a couple of rounds of Sequence at his request, but I needed a little more distraction to keep my mind off my Ella.
So we headed off to an estate sale and surprisingly I was distracted for a little while.
(these pictures are not from today, but actually from an estate sale we found while we were on our trip)
After our little excursion, I must have checked the clock every 10 minutes and Julian asked if it was time to pick up Ella every 15. Finally it was time and my heart did a little dance when my eyes found her as she filed out of her class with her big pink backpack on and her kitty lunch box.
She loved school.
She had fun.
She can't wait to go back tomorrow.
She got a gingerbread cookie and only ate half of it because she wanted to save the other half for later.
She sang songs and sat on a rainbow rug.
She ate all of her sandwich and her nectarine, but not her string cheese.
There is another girl named Ella.
She had fun.
They are going to have a marble party if they are good listeners.
She got hot at recess and drank a lot of water and spilled just a little on her shoe.
She had fun.
She went potty and DID NOT forget to wash her hands.
The sink is just her size.
Her teacher is nice.
I'm so proud of you Ella!


  1. The first part of your blog brought tears to my eyes (my turn next week!) but the end is so sweet! I'm glad Ella had fun!!! And I'm glad you made it through the day, Melissa! =)


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