Monday, September 20, 2010

Handmade by Ella

Ella got sick this weekend and was not feeling up to running around outside so I was trying to find a little craft she could do on her own without any supervision. Today, the 20th, is Nana's, my grandmother's, birthday so I thought she could make her a little something for her b-day. Ella wanted to make her a little necklace which was perfect because I had just acquired some beads in a little surprise grab bag.
Yes, the necklace does have a little toy pacifier on it. I tried (a little) to talk her out of that decision, but she thought it would be really funny and that Nana would laugh really really hard...she is probably right.
Can't have a handmade gift without a handmade card. This one kills me. She explained that it is a picture of Julian, in the frame with the spiky hair, and herself with big shoes on. No kidding!
Everything is now signed 'Ella K.' because there is an 'Ella P.' in her class at school.
You can't ever have too many X's and O's on a card, right? That was just the outside.
The inside was a picture of a wolf howling and some more Ella K.'s.
I love that she is developing a love for making handmade gifts. She put a lot of thought and time into this one and I'm sure Nana will love it and get a good laugh out of it. Happy Birthday Nana!!!!

We love you!!!

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