Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pie Making

 I am in the baking/cooking mode right now.  Sewing was last week, baking/cooking this week.  Good timing right?  Today we worked on some pies, but first we had to start out our day with a breakfast favorite...banana pancakes.
 I used to make them more often before Ella started school and before we actually had to be out the door by a certain time.
Ella ate 6 pancakes...seriously.  Sometimes I can barely get her to eat a bean, so I'm not complaining.
 This guy had 4 1/2, which is about his norm.
 Next we were off to grandma's (my mom's) house to bake some pies.  We made a couple of pecan pies.  I have never made one before and it was surprisingly easy.  Making the crust was the longest step.  I tried Pioneer Woman's pecan pie recipe and it turned out looking and smelling SO delicious.  Haven't had the taste test yet...I almost cheated.
 Next up was a French apple...or is it Dutch?  What's the difference?  Anyways, it's an apple pie with a crumb topping.  This picture is pre-baked, but still looking yummy.
Sorry mom, this was the only picture that I took of you.  
We had such a good time hanging out together and the kid's had fun hanging out with their cousin.  We even had time for a nice walk to enjoy the fall weather.  I love it, even though I am always cold.  
These are my favorite types of days.
I love you mom and am so thankful for you.

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