Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The turkey family

Just about every day after we drop Ella off at school Julian wants to do a craft...with glue. (I'm thinking of just buying him a big bottle of glue for Christmas and letting him just go crazy with it...outside, of course. I know he would be stoked.) I knew that we could make little turkeys fairly easy with pine cones but I wasn't sure exactly how to make them. Turns out they are really easy. 
 First we had to go on a little walk to gather our supplies.

Side note:  this little guy loves riding the razor.  Ella's razor actually.  Andy spray painted it black because he was the only one who ever rode it. He is really good on it and can zip around really fast...scary fast sometimes.  I know, he should have a helmet.  He does most of the time, but sometimes we are just in too much of a hurry...this craft was going to involve glue, remember.
 Our supplies.
 Initially we were just going to use patterned paper cut out as feathers for the feathers, but Julian didn't want to cut the paper.  Part of craft time, for me, is setting him up with something to do and giving myself a little time to work on my own deal.  Since he didn't want to cut out the feathers, I realized the leaves were the perfect feather size and he could just paint them different colors.  That would give me a little time to actually get a little something done.
 He was into the painting part. 
After the leaves dried, we put a little dab of glue on the end and stuck them into the pine cone.  Glue isn't even necessary, but what's the point of crafting if we can't use glue?  I made the little faces later by just cutting bits of paper and gluing them on...I really should have looked up how to make a turkey face...something looks a little off...oh well, Julian was really proud of his little turkey family and showed them off to Ella and daddy when they got home.

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  1. Cute little turkeys! Sophie has been collecting pine cones at the girls' school...maybe we'll turn them into turkeys too! Oh, and I don't make my girls wear helmets all the time either...we never did, and we turned out just fine...mostly! ;-)


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