Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My perfect day!

 Last Friday was my birthday and it was a perfect day.  Andy took the day off of work, which that is a treat in and of itself because he has been working so hard lately and it has been hard for him to get any time off of work.  After sleeping in just a little (7:30 is sleeping in for me) and a nice cup of coffee we packed up and headed out for the day.  First stop was an estate sale, which I had already hit the day before, but there were just so many goodies I had to go back.  
Next stop was the beach.  It was a cold foggy morning, but that doesn't stop us from going to one of our favorite places.  I had my camera and tripod, Andy had his board and the kids were geared up with a lot of energy.  It was just a little too cold for me to think about getting in the water, although the waves were perfect and there was no crowd.
 That one looks fun.
 My plan was to take a bunch of pictures of Andy surfing, but I kept getting distracted by the cute little kids playing.
 I also figured out how to set my timer on my camera and we started having way too much fun...
 so much so that Andy got out to join us.  We got some really funny pictures that I love so much.  I think the timer is my new best friend.
 This one is my favorite.
 Next stop was lunch and some fun vintage shops.
 My thoughts exactly.
 We headed home to unload and get ready to go to to a birthday dinner for me. Woohoo!!
But first we had to take a couple more pictures of the pretty leaves that had blanketed our front yard.
Then we headed off to a wonderful dinner. 
Would you believe I forgot my camera...it was still...
my perfect day!

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  1. Love Love Love this post!! Happy Birthday Melissa! Miss you and the kiddos (green. beans.) hahaha!


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