Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a walk in the park

 kids are sick, the sun couldn't decide if it wanted to stay, the breeze was crisp, i had an itch to photograph somewhere new to us, so we went for a walk in a park.  as we walked my mind was busy, so busy, a constant chatter, but not distracting, i liked it, it went something like this:
i love being a mom...even though sometimes it is hard, ok, really hard some days.  those days when the volume on whining is maxed out and my patience is worn thin, but i still love being a mom.  these kids are amazing and i get to be their mom.  interesting how they don't whine out in nature.  i love their sense of adventure and their love to explore.  my mom reminds me that ella is a lot like me when i was little, fearless at times and always exploring.  i love their imagination...a leaf is a starfish and pine cones are weapons.  i love how they become a team and work together when trying to accomplish something new... climbing up trees, maneuvering around on rocks.  i love their simplicity.  i love their smiles and laughter.  those hands that are not so chubby anymore.  i look down and observe that ella's fingers are long and lean.  i try to take a picture of them, but she is quick. i love that they love to show me everything they find interesting, look at this stick , this leaf, this bug, this rock, those ducks...  i love that we don't need a playground to have fun.
i love that my mom is up for a walk even when she is sick...she probably got sick from my kids.
the starfish he caught
i love observing patterns and textures, i love our creator
i love clouds even though they hide the sun and make me cold
i love finding beauty in a thistle
i love their wonder and amazement of nature
i love her messy hair
just a few thoughts on our walk through the park

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You always make me want to get out and explore nature...even when I'm sick too.


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