Monday, February 7, 2011

Project ReStyle - little pup's new house

 Red has a new house here at his new home, thanks to Andy.  I wish I could say this Project ReStyle was my making but it's not. 
 So I was talking to Andy while he was at work and he told me he was going to make a little house for Red when he got home because he had noticed that Red doesn't go in Yoshi's house.  Don't worry dog lovers, these dogs are outside most of the day, but they sleep inside at night.  They are spoiled.  Anyways, Andy asked if I would mind if he used the kid's table that was rarely used.  I didn't.  We had gotten good use out of that table.  We first bought it when Ella was about 18 months.  She scribbled on it the first week we got it.  It was the little art table for a while, then it became the lunch table for Ella and later for Ella and Julian.  It got a lot of use.  As the kid's grew, they hardly used the little table any more.  They used our bigger tables for crafts and ate at our dining room table with us.  The little table eventually was put in the backyard, where it got little use.  It was rained on.  It was weathered.  It was perfect for a house for our little pup.  He had already taken to standing on top of it.
 Andy put a floor in about an inch off the ground and added walls to the table frame.  He seriously built this in about an hour.  He left the roof flat so Red could still hop up on top and sun.  I think it looks great like this also.
 He painted it and even added some industrial office type carpet inside.  I told you these dogs are spoiled.
 I'm pretty sure Red loves his house. 
I sure do.  Amazing job, Andy, as usual!!!
 Hopefully I will be able to get a project of my own done this week since I didn't last week. 


  1. Hey, Red's new home made it on to Smile and cool!



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