Thursday, February 24, 2011

they make me smile....

 this wall art...I can't remember where I came across it, but it is perfect and inspiring if anyone knows the source let me know,
this sweet face...even at 6 am when the sun is just rising over the hills and streaming through our window, that I can function at 6 am and can make
 some homemade waffles on our new waffle cinnamon and banana pecan are my two favorites so far,
 yum, these are dangerous,
 this sweet girl playing
 with the late afternoon sun hitting her and  her bubbles perfectly,
 crocheting on cold nights,
 little dogs trying to steal big bones from big dogs
and being successful
Andy and his hoarding of car parts.


  1. mmm, breakfast looks delicioussss!!

  2. Love that wall art too! The pics of your daughter playing are amazing!


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