Friday, March 18, 2011

Shadow Kid's

 Yea, for sidewalk chalk.  I helped the kids draw their shadow people the other day and this turned into an afternoon project.  If you haven't done this with your kiddos you have to try it out.  It is super easy and the kids love seeing their own shadow drawn out.  My guys like to then draw clothes on their shadow friends.  This one above was done by my niece.  I love the cute skirt she came up with.
This is how we do it.  Late afternoon sun works the best because then the shadow will actually look like a person.  At high noon the shadow will just be a blob.  No fun.  I suppose early morning sun will do also.  Have your kids stand with their backs to the sun, that way they can see their shadow, and then let them come up with some crazy pose.  Draw really fast outlining their shadow.  The younger they are, the less amount of time they can stand still. 
 This one was Ella's.  Ha, ha, ha...I got a good laugh out of those lips and eyelashes.  She is always making me laugh.  Don't worry, she was laughing also.  She thought the lips were hilarious.
 Aww, that hair is the best.

 Julian's second shadow boy.  He asked me to help with the clothes and he was very specific about what he wanted...hat turned to the side, shirt with buttons, and shorts...and all in blue.  Yes sir!


  1. How fun! It reminds me of the song "I Have a Little Shadow." Well actually it's a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called "My Shadow" that we put to music and sang at a Open House at Cornerstone or something. :)

  2. You have a good memory, I don't remember that.

  3. Great pictures! My kiddos love sidewalk chalk! It seems like most of it ends up on them, but it makes for hours of fun.


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