Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They really are the Little Rascals...

Please don't ask who the Little Rascals are.  OK so for all you older folk (30+), did you ever watch them?
I remember, as a kid, spending the night at my grandparents house almost every Friday night and waking up early on Saturday morning to watch these guys. They were always rigging something together and finding ways to entertain themselves.  I loved them and still do.  We still watch them and the kiddos love them. 
 They were the Little Rascals (Darla and Spanky) for Halloween in 2009 and there are so many times that they fit these characters so perfectly. 
 Usually it's during these times of creating their own games and form of play that they get along the best.  
They make each other laugh.  
They say unusual things like
'you go first'
'get in, I'll push you'
'here, let me help you'
They work together. 
They help each other up.
 If there is a bug around they will find it...even at the beach.
 They name them names like 'Freddy Dot Dot'.  
They talk to them in little voices and care for them like a babies.
 They love on any animal around.
 They aren't afraid of touching a fish even when it is still flopping around.
 Fresh fish soup anyone?
These Little Rascals make me smile.


  1. How adorable! The little rascal costumes are perfect! I'd like to find some old episodes for my own kids to watch.


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