Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some thoughts and painting

 So I'm just a little behind on some Mother's Day thoughts but these are a few that have been circling my mind this past week...
I look at these sweet faces and sometimes I can't believe they have been entrusted to me to care for.   There really isn't anything I wouldn't do for these guys.  I often hear that a mother's job is the is but it isn't.  I enjoy being a mom.  If I think back 5 years ago before I had these guys I would have underestimated how much I would truly embrace and enjoy my role as a mother.  Don't get me wrong, there are those times throughout the day where I get so frustrated, but I think as time goes on, I am realizing that those frustrations are so temporal.  
A glass of water, help with a shoe, combing hair, finding a favorite wolf...there are so many needs.  Most times before I even fulfill one need, there are two more needs that need to be met.  I think that one of the most important needs I can fulfill as a mom is giving my attention and time.  This is a need that I sometimes find myself having to make an effort to meet.  It isn't tangible, but my kid's know when they are getting full attention...not half of my attention as my mind races through the 15 other things that need to be done.

 Ella I will stop and really listen to your full explanations about your elaborate drawings.
Julian I will come outside and look at how cute you are sitting with little Red man even if it is the 12th time you have asked me to come and look.
My last thoughts are about my mom.  An amazing mother and friend!  She has been such a good example to me of what a mother is.  And as a grandma...come on, how many grandma's would let their granddaughter paint their face?
I love you mom!!


  1. omgosh how cute!! they are precious <3 your mom is a trooper for getting her face painted lol ;) what great memories <3

  2. Mel, I love Julian's Beatles shirt! :) See you in July! :)


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