Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homemade Water Park

it's getting pretty warm these days and a couple of weeks ago i remembered this pvc sprinkler set-up over on ashley ann's blog .  without a computer at the time, i wasn't exactly sure how she had made it or even how it looked, for that matter,
 so we decided to just wing it and made a little tunnel to run through.  the fun thing about this project is that we can take it apart and make different set-ups with the pipes and fittings and it is also easy to take apart and store. i think i just need to get a couple of caps for the ends so that it doesn't have to be a closed system. 
i was laughing as i went back and read ashley ann's post about her experience at lowe's because it sounds a lot like my experience at home depot.
i used 1/2 inch PVC pipe and a bunch of different fittings.  i kind of had an idea of what our design would look like so i just bought the pieces i needed and a couple of other fittings so that we could create different set-ups.  the PVC pipe was really easy to saw and drill through.  i used one of the smallest drill bits to drill the holes and just made a lot of holes.  
if you plan on making one start early because it took me a little longer than i thought and the kids were more then ready to start playing by the time i was finished.

this picture brings back so many memories of when i was a kid.  one of the best parts about swimming or playing in any source of water and then getting cold was lying on the hot concrete to warm up...ahhh.  i tend to get cold easily so i spent a lot of time on the concrete soaking in the heat.
snack time.

i have a feeling we will be using this a lot this summer.

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