Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July celebrations!!

 so here are a couple of pictures from our 4th of july celebrations.  we had a relaxing morning of the usual happenings around here...andy messing around with car parts in the garage, the kids playing around and me, well, i'm always good for a last minute project.  the little miss was in need of a festive outfit so i whipped this little shirt together, HA!!  it actually ended up taking me way longer than it should have because me machine decided it wanted to cause a little bit of frustration.  ahhh!!!
 then we headed over to my cousin Yvonne's house for real 4th of july festivities.
 we really need to find somewhere to put a rope swing.  every time we go over the kid's can not get enough of it.  the homemade swing was in use pretty much the whole afternoon and evening also.

 an impromptu treasure hunt passed a little more time before the much awaited fireworks. 

 here is our big box of fireworks...the triple threat.  as soon as i started smelling the fireworks, all of my childhood memories of the 4th of july came back.  i haven't lit fireworks since i was a kid and i had never bought fireworks before, so i was in for a little surprise when we bought our fireworks.  it was kind of a last minute decision to buy some since the kids are pretty young and i want them to keep their fingers, but i couldn't help pulling over at the firework stand around the corner from my cousin's house.  i grabbed 12 dollars out of my wallet and headed to the stand.  andy warned me that i wouldn't be able to get anything.  ah, just a couple of sparklers...well that was pretty much all my 12 dollars got me.  it was pretty hilarious when i walked up to the stand and asked what i could get with 12 dollars. the firework stand man sure had a good laugh...most of the boxes were over 50 dollars.  well now i know.

 after the sparklers, the show began.
we all sat back and enjoyed the rest of our 4th of july.  i think the kids will remember this 4th for a long time.

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