Friday, July 8, 2011

aprons and hot cakes...kind of

new little kid's apron's up in my little shop and ella is super excited about it...can't cha tell?
quick becuse they are going like hot not really.  do hot cakes really go that fast?  just a thought...and are they the same thing as flap jacks, pancakes and johnny cakes?  who knows? 

so these little aprons are all individually hand painted and sewn.  some of them are made from vintage fabric and some just with repurposed and new fabric.  they all have 3 big pockets and can be used for whatever your little mr or miss wants to use it for.  sometimes my kids just like to wear them around the house.  a few suggestions though...painting, crafts, cooking, gardening, changing a tire, you get the picture. 
 usually these guys use them for painting.

 these pictures were taken before the haircut...see what i mean with the shaggy.  i miss it, it makes him look younger.

so there they are. 
 oh, sizewise because they tie at the neck and around the waist, they fit 2-6 year olds.  obviously on a 2 yr old it will be a little bit bigger and on a 6 yr old a little smaller.

have  a good weekend!!


  1. hey ~ i messaged you through etsy about this...let me know your thoughts. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my little blog and leaving a comment! :) Love your creativity here and those aprons are absolutely adorable! What a GREAT idea!!

  3. I LOVE the aprons. Very cute and original!

  4. Such beautiful artwork on the aprons!


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