Monday, July 18, 2011

long shorts...short capris...culottes...clam diggers??

 i'm not really sure what to call these, but ella has a new pair for her hula hoopin' summer days.
i had an old pair of pants that didn't fit right and had paint splattered here and there that i decided to make shorts out of them for myself.  with the left over bottom half of the pants i tried a little something that is new for me and made these little...let's just call them 'culottes' for ella.
here is how i made them:
pant legs
 ripped the inside seam down low enough for the rise and the top waistband. 
 sewed the two sides together, topstitched and  
 sewed the top waistband leaving a small opening for the elastic.
 threaded elastic through  waistband and sewed down on the sides so that only the back is gathered.  top-stitched another seam about 1/4" from top and added a small tie in the front for styling.
added a little elastic at the bottom and sewed the ties that were already there in place.
 time to hula hoop.


  1. You've just set a new TREND!!! LOVE IT!

  2. all names fit :) your blog is so gorgeous and what cute kids you have. happy to have found great hoping heaps i have kids soon so i can buy your stuff for them! too excited...can you tell?

  3. Ella looks great as always but i really love those pants (?culottes?), I normally just make little toy bags with cut off trousser legs, what a brilliant idea, thanks!


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