Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all of her favorites

ella's party was full of all of her favorite things.  she is really into photo booths, going to the movies, and bonfires, so that is exactly what we did.  we kept it on the small side because, well, it's just a little easier and last year we went kind of big.  i do love planning parties for the kids even though it can kind of be a bit overwhelming because i love seeing their excitement.

 our photo booth props were mainly things from around the house and then i made a couple of quick and easy props.
 i had my mom stand in and take a couple of pics for me and this is what i got.  ah, i love you mom.
 i had to take over so everyone could have their heads in the picture.  ha!  she knows.  she was even surprised i asked her to take pictures.

  little wyatt was the best stand in doll for the kids to dress up...ok, i had fun trying props on him also.

 'no cupcakes' ella insisted, so we made brownie popsicles, chocolate dipped marshmallows and...  
 ice cream cones...double scoops!!!
we had a pinata, a bon fire and the kids watched a movie complete with pop corn and candy...lots and lots of candy.  i didn't even realize i didn't even get any pictures of half of the party.  thank you, sara, for taking some pics for me.  it really is so hard to take pictures and host a party.  

we finished off the night with our first slumber party with a couple of cousins.  i'm pretty sure ella felt special, celebrated and most of all...loved.

oh, she even lost her first tooth on her birthday.  i knew it was coming out.
we love you mim!


  1. Happy Birthday to your big 6 year old! How exciting was that party?!! Love all the photo booth shots, even your mother's one. Looks like a fun day with lots of nice sun too.

  2. Ella's party looks like it was super special and fun. Good job Melissa!

  3. What a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLA!! :) I can't believe our girls are growing up so fast.


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