Monday, August 29, 2011

macrame plant hanger

 sometimes just doing one teeny tiny little project can make my day.  this summer we were busy busy and i had to put a lot of my creative energy on hold.  today i was able to squeeze a 2 minute project in and i plan on squeezing in a few more.  i bought this macrame plant hanger at an estate sale about 6 months ago.  i wasn't exactly sure what i was going to do with it but it kind of just made me smile when i saw it hanging in a living room with two huge plastic ferns covered in dust sitting inside.  it was pretty ugly to say the least.  i remember my mom and my aunts having a few of these when we were young...maybe this is what drew me in.  my friend thought i was crazy as dragged the beast out of the house.  it had a really long tail on the bottom that had frayed and collected dust.  i cut the long 2 foot tail off right away and hosed it down in the backyard and that is where i had left it until today.  i found an empty pot and a plant in need of a home and put it all together.  there wasn't a whole lot of creativity that went into this hanging, but i like how it turned out. 

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