Saturday, August 20, 2011

SIX years!!!

 today is your special day my girl. 
 you are now six...SIX...i remember the day you were born so vividly.  you were so small and petite.  i remember staring in amazement at the length of your fingers and, oh my, your eyelashes.  some things have not changed too much.  you are still my petite girl who likes to wear 2T shorts to bed (you reassure me they are not too tight) and your fingers and eyelashes have only gotten longer.  in other ways you have changed into such a BIG girl right before my eyes.  
you make your bed so neatly without any help and on a good day you even help julian with his.
you love to pick out your own outfit and mixing a lot of different patterns is your specialty.  uh, hmm.
you are such a great help with cooking and you love to do whatever i will let you do.
you set the table almost every night and most of the time your little assistant will help you.
you love to help put clothes in the washer and you can even fold some clothes...such a helper!
you learned how to ride your bike without training wheels and you are quite the swimmer now.

with all of this growing up you still love to be held and cuddled.  you still love when i wrap you up in a towel after your bath like a little baby and to tell you the truth i love it too.  i know too well that this will not last forever.
 you make me laugh every single day.  your love to laugh is contagious and your silliness is endless.  you  nicknamed yourself 'pelf' after two of your biggest role models...pippi longstockings and elf.  these are two of your favorite movies and i'm pretty sure it's because they are both filled to the brim with over the top outrageous silliness.  with all of your silliness you can still at times be very shy.  you don't like too much attention and getting up in front of a crowd is definitely on your list of worst things to do.  
this is a picture of your first loose tooth for the record.
 i'm pretty sure that one is coming out today.  you wiggled and twisted on that thing all evening last night.  

ella, you are my beautiful girl inside and out and i am so thankful to be your mama. 
you truly are my sunshine!

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY big girl!!  

p.s. you will always be my baby

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  1. Yay!! Happy birthday Ella! So sorry we have to miss your party. We wanted to be there to celebrate with you.


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