Thursday, September 22, 2011

fall feather wreath : DIY

Let's make a fall wreath...
 i used an old wreath that was already covered in yarn, but any wreath will do since it will be covered

* wreath
 * strips of fabric about 1 inch wide
* paper (any color you want)
* yarn
i didn't use anything to keep strips on, i just wrapped over itself to keep in place.  i kind of cheated and used a few wider strips near the end because i knew the feathers would cover it.
 i used a few pieces of this floral fabric since i already had it from a previous project.
 i just used regular white printing paper.  i sketched the feather on one sheet and cut out five all at the same time by stacking the paper.  then i just made cuts on the sides to give the feathers the texture.
 pick out some pretty yarn.
again, i didn't use anything to keep yarn attached, i just wrapped it over itself.


  1. What a cute wreath! love it!
    happy crafting,

  2. This is soooo cute! I am pinning to Pinterest and will be making my own. Thanks!

  3. so cute!

    found your blog through a giveaway you are doing. . . golly your fam is so adorable!


  4. a wreath that's cute- I didn't know such a thing existed! I can't wait to make this later in the year!

  5. the color green is great against the dark wood too; thanx for the inspiration!


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