Wednesday, September 7, 2011

peaceful sleep

 why is it that when they sleep they look so much like that little baby you remember so well? 
 it seems like yesterday, but at the same time like a lifetime ago. 
 he is only four (my heart says 'already four').
 i know, but he seems like such a big boy when he is awake.  he walks, he talks.  he mimics his sister.  he gives the best kisses and hugs.  he trys to do bunny hops on his scooter.  he can cut his own toenails.  he figures out how to play computer games.  he throws tantrums.  he stomps. he can serve himself his own water...usually successfully.  he knows how to be sweet to his sister when she is sad.  he makes us all laugh.  he can whine until it hurts...

but when he is sleeping i see my little baby.  
i see the baby i used to stare at for hours so deep in that peaceful sleep.  
 now i stare at those enormous feet,
 fijian war club feet,
 grape stompin' feet.
 i look down at that big body
then back to that sweet little face.  
yea, i still see my little sleeping baby.  

i love it!!

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