Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i can't get enough of you...

 1. weekend barbeque's with this guy on the grill
 2. ella's homemade b-day cards...seriously heart eyes, way cute!!!
 3. books and reading with the kiddo's
 4. tabbouleh...and trying to perfect the recipe at home.
 5. board games with the family...and the kids love for games
 6. bike rides with this young fellow.
 7. pumpkin anything...can't wait to try this
8. his love to help and his love for his monkey (George)
 9. these two rascals even though they drive me crazy.
10. red man's weird little habits...like sneezing and rubbing his nose when he is nervous.


  1. cute pics and pumpkin is my favorite :)

  2. such a good list. . . especially number two!


  3. Pumpkin pancakes..YUM! Great shots!

  4. My friend Maggie introduced me to tabouleh several years ago and I love it! For her recipe she uses flat-leaf parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, bulgar wheat, and lemon. Your version looks so bright and yummy!


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