Monday, November 21, 2011

baby shower weekend...

this weekend i hosted my sweet friend christie's baby shower at my house.
i had so much fun planning it and it definitely kick-started me into sewing and digging into some projects again...just the push i needed before christmas.
 the beautiful christie...glowing with baby number's a BOY!!!
 this cake didn't come out looking so pretty, but it sure was super delicious.  i think i ate about have of the leftover cake in less than 24 hours.  it was a spiced angel cake with a penuche glaze from this book.
so bummed these were the only pics that i food pics, no gift pics, no game pics...ugh.
at least i did get more pics of the guests for christie.

such a fun time!!


  1. You did a great job on the decorations - the little cake garland is wonderful. And spiced angel cake? Sounds good to me!

    Looks like fun!


  2. I love your decorating! The cake looks great and very tasty. Your straws are so pretty and the black bottles are so neat. Very lucky Mummy to be!

    Sarah Red Gingham

  3. Aren't those stripes straws the BEST? It all turned out great. What a good friend you are. What are the single serving in cupcake liners? That's a cool idea to wrap the small strings of fabric to the toothpicks.

  4. my bad I meant polka dots

  5. Yes what an awesome day it was! Thanks again for the beautiful shower Mel! Such a creative one you are!

  6. yes, i love the paper straws. the cupcake liners are just parchment paper cut into squares. once i baked them i just trimmed off the corners and rounded it out a little. super easy and i love the look of it.

  7. I love the decorations! (:
    They are so lovely!!

    PS Remi says... Thank you!!


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