Monday, November 7, 2011

fall love

it feels like fall!!

i'm loving...

1. that there are a few trees around here that have leaves that are changing into all of the magical fall colors

2. big beautiful storm clouds against a blue sky

3. hot dogs...not the ones you eat, haha, this costume gave me a good laugh.

4. little boys who dress themselves in fur scarves...i think he commented about 10 times that night about how soft and warm his scarf was.

5. rainy days

6. warm socks

7. bundling everyone up and going on a bike ride.


  1. aww i love little boys in winter wear, my oldest is into all of my hats and stuff right now and it is so cute! lol

  2. I love all of those things too! I love when my boys dress up in mama's stuff - so funny.


  3. I love busting out my thick socks, fuzzy blankets, and comfy sweats during the fall. I don't know if you're planning any fall sewing projects, but the new Melody Miller for Kokka fabric collection has a print with vintage clocks very much like yours. It's super cute fabric:)


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