Monday, November 28, 2011

a leafy recap

this holiday weekend went by in a flash. 
 we now have christmas on our minds.  
this morning julian shouted 

"it's christmas eve!!!"

whoa, not quite, but i'm sure it will be before i know it.  

 here is just a little recap of our super relaxing thanksgiving.  usually we have about 2-3 different places that we go on thanksgiving, but this year it was just one.  this was the most relaxing thanksgiving i have had since having kiddos.  i really miss seeing the family that we didn't see this year on thanksgiving but it sure was nice to slow down the pace. 
we started the morning off with a late pumpkin waffle breakfast.
i thought it would be fun to make little indian headbands for the kids.  
they were super easy and fun and the kids were able to help a little.  ella sewed some of her feathers.
right now julian is wearing his and shooting his little toy bow and it!
 then we headed outside and played...for hours.   
 i'm thinking for christmas all the kids need is a new rake. 
ha, ha! 
this pile of leaves kept them entertained for hours and hours.
somewhere in that time i was my typical last minute self and i turned out a quick thanksgiving dress for ella. 
then we headed over to my grandparents house for a not-so-quiet thanksgiving dinner. 
 i secretly love the loud din of family enjoying time together. 
 the kid's finally quieted down to watch a movie.
we went home with full belly's 
and very thankful hearts.

today i need to 
finish decorating the house for christmas,
edit way too many pics,
alter ella's christmas dance costume that is way too big and could probably fit me, 
try a new recipe for dinner 
have a tree decorating party tonight
(love our fake white tree)

happy monday!


  1. Love it! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to entertain themselves with leaves and such. Right now the attention span is about 5minutes. Loving the white trees this year. Yes they have been around for awhile but I never loved them like I do this year.

  2. Souns like you a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank your for stopping by my blog! I love your blog! Will be following it for sure!

  3. wow, your family is absolutely beautiful. and you have some stellar photog skills!



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