Monday, December 12, 2011

goats, waterfalls and marshmallows...

 we had a little special day trip planned for this weekend and it turned out even better than what i had expected.  we ventured into nature and took a little hike to a beautiful waterfall.
 the air was cold and crisp so we warmed ourselves by the fire before we headed out.
these two just wanted to hang out with this guy.
 we were not disappointed when we finally made it to our final destination...

it was beautiful!!
we could have the spent the rest of the day there racing stick boats in the water but we knew we still had quite a hike back to the nice warm fire.
 we made it back and were treated to big fluffy marshmallows and a toasty fire.
 back in town we had a nice hot meal.  i think ella was a little zoned out after hiking the 4 mile hike.  

both of the kid's did so good on the hike.  
i am so proud of them.
 we finished off the night with a drive through Christmas Tree Lane.
it turned out to be the perfect little day trip.

we will definitely go back.


  1. Oh I just gasped all the air out of my LR. This little time capsule of a day was magical. I love the photo where the camera looks like it was set on the ground in the middle of the hiking path. Way to make memories!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful place for a hike! Sounds like the perfect day. :)


  3. These pics were so beautiful and the adventure looked so enticing. Kinda reminded me of our family trip to Bishop.


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