Wednesday, December 7, 2011

her wish list

her wish list is short

you would think that a little six year old girl would have a whole host of items on her wish list....nope not my girl.

a hamster
that's it.

i have probed and prodded and her list remains the same...a hamster.

sadly that is not going to happen.
we have two dogs and that is enough animal for me right now.  on our someday farm i would give this little animal lover pretty much any animal she wants, but we aren't on our farm.

i'm stumped.


  1. We did the hamster thing...ugh! I'd say avoid getting one at all cost! Ours seemed sweet enough, but she was too hard for the girls to play's a real shame she died so soon! ;)

  2. Oh dear. We put off rabbits for eight years and finally we gave in this year. We have two sweet little bunnies, an early Christmas present. They are such good fun, a bit of work cleaning them but the big girls do that. A really neat pet to have and they are toilet trained pretty much already after only a few weeks. Should make it pretty easy to clean them soon.

    I'd say wait until she can look after them by herself so it's not something you have to do. Our big girls are 12 and ten and I'd say any age from about 8 would be quite capable.

    You could tell her that Santa never brings real animals for Christmas so she really should ask for something else. good luck.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  3. My son was obsessed with hamsters for awhile. Every day when he came home from school he would have a new drawing of one. While he still wants one, the desire has seemed to ease. However, we just went to see Santa and what did he ask for? A puppy. Umm Nope. Hopefully when he opens his new fancy remote control truck he will forget all about the puppy. Maybe :)

  4. Uh oh. I can relate to not wanting to incorporate more animals (more work for mom) into the household. I totally dream of living on a farm too where many different animals abide - but not yet!


  5. Hi Melissa!

    A funny post, I was expecting a long list too!;) I remember wanting a dog, and only a dog. I didn't get a real one, only a pluche one who made a summersault and barked. Not the same!!

    Thanks for sharing your first sewing project in a comment on my blog!

    Sometimes I have a brilliant idea, brilliant in my eyes that is;), but I wait endlessly long before I make it. Then I wonder "why was it so brilliant again?' Same with felt and fabric! So I understand your turquoise fish pattern bag. Do you think it happens more with bright fabrics and bold ideas? I do!

    My dress pattern is from a sewing magazine published in the Netherlands. It is called 'Knipmode", it means (freely translated) " cut out fashion". If you want I can search for a copy for you. I hope my dress turns out just like the picture, fingers crossed;)

    Do you have magazines with nice patterns (especially dresses and skirts!) in your country?

    Love, Tabitha

  6. How unfortunate for your precious Ella and you too! But I hear you, pets are such a big responsibility. One year my niece told her parents that all she wanted for Christmas was the ability to fly:( We got off easy this year. All Owen wants for Christmas is a cookie.


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