Friday, January 27, 2012


i blinked and a whole week went by...

last weekend we were finally able to steal a night away and celebrate our anniversary.  we didn't have any concrete plans, but we had tossed around the idea of just getting away for a little overnighter maybe just a couple hours away and the kiddos were going to spend the night at grandmas.  at the last minute we noticed noticed that IRIS from Cirque du Soleil was playing at the kodak theater.  a million years ago before kids we went to a cirque du soleil show and it was amazing, so we thought it would make a perfect date night.

IRIS was beyond amazing!!!  it is a journey through the world of cinema.  everything about the show was perfect for me: the costumes, the artistic journey through cinema and of course the breath taking acrobatic feats...perfect!!
this review sums it up nicely.

if you are in the area, go and see it!
we happened to score seats right in the middle in the orchestra level.  they were perfect!

it was a perfect night...

thanks babe!


  1. How awesome you two got to get a little time away to do something fun - especially to celebrate!

    happy weekend!


  2. happy date night- i love those. so good to spend some time with just the two of you!


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