Friday, January 13, 2012

sun rays

this is what i say when i'm cold and i am trying to warm up...
i find the sun rays and soak them in.

yesterday the kids wanted a snack when ella got home from school.  i set them up at the dining room table and within 2 seconds of sitting down ella said, 'can we go outside and
  eat the sun 
while we have our snack?'

of was a beautiful day
 i love you sun rays!


  1. Oh there is just something about the beauty of the sun! I mean even if it's cold and blustery out, but the sun is shining it just doesn't seem as bad :)

    Of course, I live in Minnesota so I'll just turn up the heat a little inside and sit in the sun via my couch :)

    Lovely pictures! Have a great weekend!

  2. Eating the sun?! :) What a great idea.
    And who doesn't love to be out in the sun?!

    Lovely photos.

    p.s. - I have a little GIVEAWAY on my site.

  3. I love, love this phrasing. It really speaks and breathes appreciation for the small things. Thanks for that :)

  4. I love to 'eat the sun' too!!

    p.s. Love the new banner!



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