Friday, March 16, 2012

aquarium adventures...

have you ever tried to take pictures while trying to watch a group of excited giggling girls that you are responsible for in a crowd in a dimly lit maze of rooms?

it's tough!

i went on ella's school field trip to the aquarium of the pacific last week and this was what i was trying to do.  
i got a couple of ok pictures, but more importantly i didn't lose any of my girls!!
this was our first time to this aquarium and it was really fun.
it's not as big as the aquarium in monterey bay but it is a good size for a half day trip.
ella loved all the little pools where you can touch the different animals.  

this girl is fearless!!  

she never hesitates to be the first to touch something new.
she really liked the sting rays, pictured above, and the jelly fish.
 i loved the sea horses...they are so beautiful and really don't even seem real.
i always find myself imagining that i am really small and can ride around on the back of the sea horse, ha, ha... wouldn't that be fun!

we will definitely have to plan another trip and spend a little more time looking around.
keeping track of 2 kiddos is a lot less stressful! 

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  1. I've never seen sea horses like that! Underwater creatures never cease to amaze me. Such beautiful shots - I would never have been able to tell the conditions weren't perfect.

    happy weekend!


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