Friday, March 2, 2012

he's off

We have another one off and riding.  

The other day Julian asked if I would help him ride Ella's bike which is training wheel free.  We hadn't attempted to take off the training wheels on his bike because he can't reach the ground when he is sitting on the seat.  I helped him on Ella's bike a couple of times then we went inside so I could help Ella with her homework.  Right when Andy got home Julian was on him to help him on Ella's bike.  About 10 minutes later I peeked outside to see how he was doing and that guy was riding all around already all by himself.  
It didn't take him long at all to get really comfortable on the bike.
He managed maneuvering around Yoshi and getting away from his big sis.
I love these pictures of Yo...the old girl still has a lot of spunk.
This little guy makes me nervous. 
By day 2 he was trying to pop wheelies and go up curbs.

So far he has only gotten a couple of scraps on his knees.


  1. Super cute! You can feel his excitement :)

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  3. The horse power of Toyota Previa's increased during time is from 138hp to 161hp.



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