Thursday, March 22, 2012

recently from my phone...

playing with nail polish
this guy woke up monday morning with wheezing and having a really hard time breathing.
this year we have been pretty lucky as far as the kids and sickness goes.  
they have been really healthy.
this little episode was out of the blue.
i gave him a couple of puffs on his inhaler first thing in the morning.
we dropped ella off at school.
he wanted to go on a bike ride but could barely even ask me because he was so short of breath.
we read a couple of books and he was getting worse.
he couldn't speak in complete sentences and i could hear him grunting.
he did a breathing treatment...he is such a champ with these. 
this is his first breathing treatment this whole season and he remembered exactly how to do it from last year.
he wanted me to make him a 'little baby' because he didn't feel good.
i did of course. 
he picked out the fabric.
a couple hours later he did another breathing treatment because he wasn't getting any better.
i was a little worried.
he got a little better by the afternoon.
grunting and shortness of breath again in the evening.
breathing treatment before bed.
he was fine all night.
the next morning no wheezing, whew!
he has been fine since then. 
 a bit of Andy's crazy chocolate
monday evening we also got another surprise...
this big edible arrangement from these sweet people.
the kiddos LOVE fruit...we almost ate all of it in one sitting
so much to be thankful for
happy thursday!!


  1. I'm glad this little guy is okay now!!

    p.s. - ...edible arrangement? Mmm... What a great gift!

  2. I'm so glad Julian is doing better. How scary!

  3. Poor baby! My niece has to do breathing treatments pretty regularly (we live in a place with TERRIBLE air) and she's gotten used to it but I don't think the parents ever do. I'm glad he's feeling back to normal. :)



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