Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She wants to surf!!

This past Sunday we went to the beach in the late afternoon
 for a photo shoot I was going to shoot
 and also because Ella has been asking us to take her out surfing. 
 Our friends gave us a wetsuit a while back and she has not had a chance to use it.  

The weather was perfect and the surf was flat
 which was a perfect day to get Ella out on the board.
 She was so excited she put the wetsuit on at home about an hour before we were even going to leave.  I warned her she was going to get sweaty really fast but she didn't care...she lasted for about 15 minutes running around outside in the heat, ha, ha.

I didn't get any of her on the board because I had to get to work,
 but I heard all about her first day after... 
she preferred the body board and had fun paddling into the waves.
 They warmed their tummies with hot chocolate after...
this is kind of a tradition for Andy and I after surfing.

 We finished up the night filling up at Gina's.  

This eggplant parmesan sandwich was perfect...I have been craving more since.

I'm so excited to see the kid's wanting to get into the water...I hope it sticks.


  1. Oh, I think it's great to have common interests with your children!!
    This looks like a beautiful day.

    p.s.- This eggplant parmesan sandwich looks perfect, too. :)

  2. Yay!! I love surfing (well, I've only tried it a total of three times but I managed to get up a couple of times). I hope it sticks too!

    What a great day. :)


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