Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Florals


it's spring!!!
i love spring.  
i can't ever decide which is my favorite season...it's a close one between spring, summer and fall.
sorrry winter, i just can't handle the cold.

when i think of spring i think of new growth and a fresh start.
i think of birds chirping and flowers beginning to bloom .

i am loving all of the florals this spring.
i'm not sure if i could pull it off or where i would wear it but i love this floral headdress.
it is beautiful!
i need a serious update in my wardrobe.
i really want to sew some simple spring dresses, i just can't ever find the time...or if i do, i usually sew for the kids.
i'm pretty sure last year i had the same ambition, but this year i am determined.
this pretty dress is all the inspiration i need.


  1. HI MELISSA! Love your name! It's divine. Hurray for Melissas! What a charming and darling site you have!! So Very Happy that you came to say hello the other day, and so happy to have found your blog! Can't wait to wade thru all the vintage fab goodness here....love this post! Springalicious!

  2. I think you could totally pull off that floral headdress - at the very least it would be fun for a photo shoot. And oh, how I wish I could sew! One day!



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