Monday, April 30, 2012

the first...

we had our first beach bonfire evening for the season.
our good friend Barb was visiting us all the way from Panama and her one request was for a beach bonfire...of course we couldn't say no.

i love bonfires. 

at home we have them year round...
well, up until the firepit we had caved in on the bottom from all of the use it got.  

the evening was cold and a little windy but my little bro, the pyro, 
kept the fire raging and all of us toasty warm.

the kids kept busy in their big sandbox, 
my big bro kept us entertained, 
we had a yummy warm meal, 
i snapped some pictures of big feet and little tiny ones, 
andy danced the night away, ha, ha...not really
but it was a perfect evening and close to our weekend.

thanks Barb...we already miss you!!


  1. How fun! I STILL haven't taken my little one to the beach and I cannot wait!!! Especially for bonfires =)

    - Sarah

  2. Beach bonfires are one of my fave things!


  3. I miss the beach! I also request a bonfire at the beach...or five. :)


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