Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY: rug bag

today i am super honored to be doing a little guest post over on Mandi's blog Make it Dear.

i am sharing a little tutorial on this rug bag.
a while back i bought a bunch of Ikea rugs after i saw a picture on craftgawkers of small area rugs sewn together to make a large area rug.  clever right?  well i bought 6 and only ended up only hand sewing 3 together.  a couple of weeks ago i made a bag out of one for a friend's birthday.  i loved the fringe end and couldn't help make one for myself.

go check it out and browse around Mandi's blog.

have a great Friday!!


  1. Melissa, I just checked out your DIY tutorial and it's awesome. I actually think I could do this! Seems like the perfect summer bag.



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