Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the farm party...

we have a dream of one day living somewhere where we can have our own small farm.
i think to each of us in our family that picture of our someday farm looks a little different.
my vision includes open space, a huge veggie garden, chickens, a lot of fruit trees and after that i'm not too sure.
andy's vision is all about space and a huge barn like structure for cars.

for the kids, their vision is all about the animals...
lots and lots of animals.
their list of animals is endless.

this past weekend we went to some friend's birthday party and the kids had so much fun...
tire swings and a homemade teeter totter, yea, a whole lot of fun!!
best of all the kid's thought they were on a farm with this big girl cruisin' around.
the next day they told grandma they went to a farm.
they haven't stopped talking bout the farm party.

for now we will keep dreaming about our someday farm...


  1. I think your vision of a farm is my fav =) Doesn't get much better than chickens and fruit trees. Your pics are sweet =)

    - Sarah


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