Monday, October 8, 2012

hi autumn...

it's chilly.
it's overcast.
the kids wore sweaters to school today.
today it feels like autumn...
but last week we had record highs in the triple digits.  
we couldn't pass up an evening at the beach soaking in the last of what felt like summer.

we loaded up and packed into the car as soon as Andy got home from work and even still we ended up piling out of the car as the sun was getting low in the sky.
one sure sign that summer is truly gone until next year.  
the days are just a little shorter.

as I was running around with the kids and taking pictures, I noticed a family all dressed up walking straight towards me.  the mom asked if I could take a couple of family pictures for them.  they had planned on family pictures that night and their friend/photographer was tied up and unable to make it.
ha, well okay why not.
they were such a cute family I wish I would have shot a couple with my own camera.

ella kept trying to jump into their family pictures.  
she is a crazy one sometimes. 
I got plenty of her before and after my little impromptu shoot.
pretty much every time we go to the beach she manages to get
 the sandiest kid award.
love that girl!!


  1. I missed your posts ad pictures this summer... but I truly understand...they are little for only so long! Welcome back!

  2. beautiful photos, beautiful post.
    p.s.. yes, welcome back!! :)

  3. Thanks, it was a good break but nice to be back.

  4. Wow! Love that picture of the sun and water. Amazing. Hope you guys are doing well.


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